Joseph E. Schmitz served as the fifth Senate-confirmed Inspector General of the Department of Defense from April 2002 to September 2005. As such, he was agency head of the most expansive Inspector General organization in the world, with statutory policy oversight responsibility for roughly 60,000 auditors, investigators, inspectors, law enforce- ment officers, and oversight professionals throughout the De- partment of Defense. Prior to that, he was a Partner in the inter- national law firm of Patton Boggs LLP, and at the same time, as a Naval Reservist, served as Inspector General of the Naval Reserve Intelligence Command. Mr. Schmitz currently serves as CEO of JOSEPH E. SCHMITZ, PLLC, the core values of which are integrity, transparent accountability, disciplined teamwork, and independence. He graduated with distinction from the U.S. Naval Academy and earned his J.D. degree from Stanford Law School.